The three business areas are:


1. Promotion of the Cooperation

Nowadays in the world, one of the hottest themes is environmental and natural protection. Since the beginning of seventies’ of last century, Industrial countries such as Germany and the United Kingdoms have taken a lot of countermeasures against environmental pollution and for protection of natural resources. By this way, they have gathered a considerable sum of experiences and gained plenty of technical know-how. In threshold countries like China, it happens what happened in industrial countries more than three decades ago. On one hand, China has been rapidly developing in the last thirty years, and is playing a more and more important role on the international stage; on the other hand, due to the fast development, it is now confronted with serious environmental problems, such as environmental pollution, depletion of natural resources and energy, soil erosion, population explosion and so on. The situation is disastrous. The Chinese government has been putting great emphasis on environmental protection and natural conservation. China is evaluated as one of the most important future market over the world by economics experts, and has a large volume of investment for the improvement of environment. The technical know-hows in western countries can find enormous space for applications. The applications of High-Techs mean high efficiency on the costs of less consumption of raw materials pro production unit and consequently more environmental friendship. In addition to it, industrial countries can’t regard environmental issues as separate problems. They need to be solved jointly by all of the countries on the earth. Thus, promotion of the cooperation between western countries and China in environmental technology and technical innovations concerned is one of our main business fields


Additionally, we have also other important promotion fields, such as education (including higher and vocational education), training and cultural exchange, because we believe that education help people to change their own fates, culture exchange enhances mutual understanding and friendship between different peoples. Our company functions as a bridge over different countries with different cultural backgrounds.


2. Organization of delegations for professional visits

In order to realize the cooperation between western countries and China, it is necessary to organize and plan Chinese delegations for professional visits, and vice versa. Visits, face-to face talks and technical exchanges can contribute tremendously to successful cooperation. Arrangements of attending international exhibitions are also very important tools for future cooperation.


3. Trade

European countries like Germany possess advanced environmental technology. Especially Germany takes a pioneering and leading position in this field. So the environmental products in Germany and other western countries can be of importance for Chinese market. We strive to help our partners to bring their high-tech products to China.