Dr. Barbara Hudec

Professional Qualifications and Personal References

Mrs. Dr. Barbara Hudec has a degree in Geology (Master, University of Bonn) and in Technical Environment Protection (PhD, University of Berlin). She has been working for over 20 years on environmental issues (Water, Soil and Waste).

She has studied Chinese at the Foreign Language Institute in 1985/1986 in Beijing and worked as a Geologist for BP Petroleum in 1996/1987 in Guangzhou (offshore exploration) and in 1987/1988 in Beijing (onshore exploration). Since then she has been in China several times as an expert.

She has carried out the management of Länder Consortium for Waste (LAGA) and for Water (LAWA) in the Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Consumer Protection, North Rhine Westphalia in 2001 / 2002 and in 2004 / 2005.

The LAGA is the German Working Group of the 16 Federal States on waste issues. The aims of this group are to discuss and bring forward questions and issues concerning everything about waste management in Germany and the related governmental tasks.

The LAWA is the German Working Group of the 16 Federal States on water issues. The aims of the this group are to discuss in detail questions arising in the areas of water management and water legislation, to formulate solutions and to put forward recommendations for their implementation. In addition however, topical questions in the national, supranational and international sphere are also adopted, discussed on a broad basis and the findings submitted to the relevant organisations. The LAWA has set up several topic-related working groups to deal with different subjects of water legislation, hydrology, inland waters and sea conservation, ecology, flood prevention, coastal protection, groundwater, water supply, municipal and industrial sewage and handling with water polluting substances.

The management of the LAWA comprised the follow-up of the implementation of the European Waterframework Directive in the 16 German Länder. Mrs. Hudec was also involved in the coordination of the participation of the German Delegations in the Meetings of the Waterdirectors, SCG and other Working Groups of the CIS-Process. The matters and the process of the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive are therefore familiar to her.

At present she works for the ahu AG in Aachen, Germany. The ahu AG is an independent consulting and planning company, which is specialised in groundwater and soil protection.